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Customised Modular Systems For All Weather Conditions

Now more than ever, consumers are shopping online and opting for Click and Collect. And for a good reason! Thanks to COVID-19- speedy fulfilment and distribution, combined with COVID-safe protocols, isn't just a "nice to have" — it's the expectation of every online shopping experience.   

BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) or curbside pickup was a convenient delivery option for half of U.S. consumers taking part in an online survey in 2021. Forty-seven per cent of curbside shoppers who purchased products online wanted to avoid going into stores. Further, 46 per cent of people surveyed considered in-store pickup a time-saving alternative to home delivery.   

Lockers are an excellent solution to meet this demand. Intelligent electronic lockers help you transact faster, reduce queue times, and enable a 24/7 operation without increasing overhead infrastructure. Lockers allow your customers to collect essentials — groceries, toiletries, medications without ever entering the store. Lockers are entirely self-service too—they are well lit, spacious, and secure—making it convenient for customers to retrieve their purchases anytime. In addition, they can be unlocked with a smartphone, so customers and employees never need to share the terminal.   

Select from a range of proven 'ready-to-go' solutions or customise a smart locker solution to meet your specific needs. Available in 4 temperature zones (frozen, chilled, ambient, controlled ambient), temperature-controlled lockers are suitable for almost all types of FMCG and retail goods. 

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Intelligence at a glance

Endless Applications
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We create intelligent lockers for every industry.
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We create intelligent lockers for every industry.
Feature Rich
World's most durable locker come with a full- service software suite with endless possibilities.
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World's most durable lockers come with a full-service software suite with endless possibilities.
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Automated Communication
Our smart technology allows for an end- to- end contact-less transaction.
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Manage itself via automated SMS/emails with no staff envolvement.
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Comprehensive Branding
Customise size and configuration, colour and branding requirements.
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Customise the look, and feel of your lockers-both hardware and UI.
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Continuous Operation
We create intelligent lockers for every industry.
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Intelligent technology solutions that work together as a backup to ensure minimal disruption in any circumstances
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Future Proof
Embracing the Internet of Things (loT), enjoy the latest in locker enhancements and features from around the globe.
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Embracing the Internet of Things (loT), enjoy the latest in locker enhancements and features from around the globe.
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Highly Secure
Encryption, 2FA, malware protection, VPNs, alarms, firewalls, and CCTV remote monitoring.
Highly Secured station
Encryption, 2FA, malware protection, VPNs, alarms, firewalls, and CCTV remote monitoring.
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Accessibility Friendly
Allocation of locker doors at heights for physically disabled people and seniors.
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Allocation of locker doors at heights for physically disabled people and seniors.
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Our smart technology allows for an end-to-end transaction for both pick-up and drop-off.
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Our smart technology allows for an end-to-end transaction for both pick-up and drop-off.
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Embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Age Verification

Age verification constitutes more than half of interventions at self-checkouts, slowing down the checkout lines for customers. In addition, existing technology options have made it difficult to comply with current laws and provide a frictionless customer experience.  

Many grocery retailers and convenience stores are introducing electronic lockers, yet few have the technology for age verification. Our technology lets your customers verify their age at the locker independently of staff by estimating their age. 

Pruettes food pickup station

Easy Integration

Our feature rich API architecture enables a seamless integration with almost every e-commerce or POS platform to ensure a fully automated, reliable system. For a full integration briefing please contact us.

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Brand Experience

We work with some of the largest grocery and general merchandise retailers globally who demand only the best in automated locker solutions.

Case Studies

Coles Supermarkets is one the two largest supermarket chains in Australia, with over 1,500 sales locations and over 100,000 employees.  In 1999 Coles Supermarkets started to develop its online sales platform via Coles Online and they were looking for a new customer pick up solution. The Problem In 2011, as one of the first supermarkets […] Read More

In mid-2019, Tesco invited Click n Collect as one of three electronic locker solutions to participate in pilot program as part of evolving their click and collect- E-commerce strategy. This operational cost imperative would soon become even more critical to Tesco, and all grocery chains, as COVID-19 was soon to be unleashed across the world. […] Read More

Countdown is the top supermarket in New Zealand, with over 180 stores and servicing about 3 million customers every week. The first Countdown store opened in 1981. Since then, the company has grown to the largest supermarket in the country and is owned by Australian retail company Woolworths Limited.. Read More

Fresh St. Market is a place to shop, to explore, to discover all things fresh and delicious. Fresh St. Market offers top-of-the-line products in an atmosphere of discovery and exploration where new, authentic, local, organic and exclusively sourced becomes everyday shopping.[…] Read More

Unparalleled Support

Our Support Team is always there for you, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. In whichever country you may operate we provide both onsite and remote support, including, upgrades and enhancements, regular cleaning, and testing as per your Service Level requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can lockers be set at a predetermined temperature?

Click n Collect lockers can be set up to service a wide range of temperatures.  The temperature can be set or changed remotely from your office depending on the need for a heated, ambient, chiller or freezer temperature zone.
Do Click n Collect lockers have temperature alarms?
Your management team will receive remote live temperature alerts at all times wherever the internal cabinet temperature falls outside of your specified temperature range, for example in case of a neighbourhood power outage.
Do the Click n Collect lockers have remote temperature monitoring?
The Click n Collect Temperature Monitoring Dashboard provides management with detailed historical and real-time updates on temperature, humidity, energy consumption and a range of other related data.
Can Click n Collect lockers be placed outdoors?
Certainly, Click n Collect lockers can be placed indoors or outdoors and have been tested and trusted in some of the world’s harshest weather conditions for close to a decade. Additionally, our intelligent software technology ensures controlled temperatures and uninterrupted operation at all times, no matter the extreme ambient conditions. For more details on the performance, please contact us.
Can the locker provide performance feedback or management reports?
Click n Collect’s flexible locker system allows management to receive a myriad of reports from your locker network, wherever you are and no matter what time of the day it is.  You may use any of the standard reporting features, or you can use customised reporting from a management dashboard.  Your set hierarchies strictly control access to the reports for various levels of management.
Can the lockers be used for legally delivering alcohol, tobacco or other age restricted items?
Click n Collect provides an innovative, simple yet responsible “Age Verification” process, so your customers or residents can legally order and collect wine, beer, or cigarettes from your Click n Collect Locker Service Centre. Get in touch to learn more about our propriety software.
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